A testimonial measure of 'soft skills' training.

Nate Regier calls the times we’re living in ‘The Process Age’. Change is happening so fast, across so many areas of our lives we simply can’t succeed by attending to each individual piece of content. To do well, we need the skills to attend to the process.

We know: 

  • managers in Victoria spend 30-50% of their working lives managing conflict, yet most receive almost no effective training on how to do this well, while some receive training that is counter productive.
  • training young adults with process based skills to better communicate and manage conflict impact their academic results at least as much as the same amount of time in extra academic classes.
  • the largest differentiating variable between high and low performing teams is their ability to communicate effectively under stress.
  • the quality of our working relationships has a larger impact on our wellbeing than workplace wellness schemes.
  • the costs of employee turnover can reach up to twice the employee’s salary.

But still, when we’re nose down, knee deep in the content of our daily lives and roles, that can sound a little abstract.

So, to make it real, I’ll leave you with this testimonial The Wavelength Agency recently received following our sold out Leadership Immersion co-facilitated by Paul Larkin, with Dr. Nate Regier of Next Element.

"I am the manager of a large integrated health care service that has had a number of years of difficultly regarding staffing satisfaction and service delivery.  Industrial action was underway when I was offered the acting manager position.  In the previous 6 month there had been 25 administrative staffing changes (in a team of 4) and it was impossible to recruit new clinical staff due to the reputation of conflict in the workplace.  During the rebuilding of the service the staff were offered LOD workshops with almost 100% participation. The team has been able use a common language to identify and defuse conflict with great results.  In the 9 months since beginning to rebuild the service the outcomes have been remarkable. There has be a 325% reduction in staff turnover, recruitment of 4 new clinical staff and a nearly 80% reduction in stress related sick leave" 

- Health Care Practitioner and Manager, Australian State Health Service.

The return on investment reflected by these improvements would exceed 30:1.

If improving your organisation’s ability to recruit the best people, reducing staff turnover, sick leave, and equipping your team with the skills to navigate each day with empathy and accountability are part of your mission, we’d love to hear from you. 

You can read more about Leading Out Of Drama (LOD) here: https://www.wavelength.agency/lod 

and see how Wavelength builds high performing leaders and teamshere: https://www.wavelength.agency/services-index/ 

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