NEoS isthe world’s first context-sensitive efficacy outcomes system. NEoS has been developed and validated by the team at Next Element to enable accurate, easily accessible outcomes measurement.

NEOS measures changes in self-efficacy: belief in one’s ability to respond to various life conditions. NEOS can be used as a one-time assessment, an outcomes measure, a 360-degree evaluation tool, a coaching and supervision tool, or a team-development framework.

Deploying NEoS organisationally or by project, we are able to quickly gauge both outcomes and ongoing changes in self efficacy, with a methodology supported by skills based training. After all, measurement is of no use if it cannot inform targeted intervention where necessary.

NEOS has undergone extensive research to test criterion validity, response-format methodology, scale reliability and cross-cultural relevance in samples from Australia, New Zealand, United States, France, Switzerland, Germany and South America.

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